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you had to send a wrecking crew after me

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"A really pissed off badger?"
[stock] desperate romantic

So. This week's Being Human.

I'm going to get my Mitchell/Annie related ranting out of the way first:

Here's the thing--we've seen this from Mitchell before. This is his age-old tactic in relationships and the fact that he doesn't seem to be able to remember this (sex has always been a weapon and nothing else, right, Mitchell) doesn't change anything. He's, so far, asked three women to save him--Josie, Lucy and now Annie. It's been a disaster (oh, dear, I was about to write train wreck) every single time. Putting these women in the position of his savior centers him in the relationship--because he's in so much more need of help, his needs come first. Because his problems are so much more serious, it's actually selfish (in this scheme) for the lady in question to get what she wants in a relationship. In Annie's case, sex. And don't get me wrong--I'm not knocking ace relationships. At all. But this isn't what Annie signed on for. And frankly, I think she deserves better than becoming the spectral sexless caretaker of a 117 year old mass murderer and-his-mood-swings. And this is pure, classic Mitchell--two weeks ago he was protesting the idea of her being his guardian angel. This week, he's all but demanding exactly that. I feel like I'm being a little hard on him because he doesn't go into this thinking his needs are more important than Annie's--but somehow his needs get translated into everyone's needs. And if he can't do this, right now, maybe he shouldn't be in a relationship. And when I say this, I'm not even talking about sex.

Sex is just the beginning here. One, I don't think they can't have sex. There's been speculation it's the ability to get her clothes off that's the problem--but if her clothes weren't coming off, this would be all about her and getting her in the mood and making sure she's comfortable. Quite clearly, it isn't. It's about getting Mitchell in the mood, which leaves me thinking he's the problem. And she does say, in the beginning, "maybe your jeans are too tight". Ahem. I think we know what his problem is, too.

Now, the issue, for me, here is not that Mitchell's having the same genital-related problems that anyone else who has lived for over a century would--it's that he's universalizing this. Baby, I'm under a lot of stress, I'm really sorry, it's not you, we'll see if it gets better is one thing. But oh, no. Not Mitchell. Instead, he has decided, right now, that they will never have sex, that he needs something good and strong and pure to save him and where does that put Annie? Nowhere. She is once again, the ghost in the hall (hehe, did I mention I also quote the Shins too much? It's very Gilbert of me), shoved to the back of someone else's life. And girl deserves better. Not to mention it won't just be sex--it's quite clear he's going to keep her at an emotional arm's length as well. And Annie fucking deserves better than that, after all the shit she has been through.

In summation (my high school English teacher is clutching her pearls right now because I said that, I can feel it): John Mitchell is very, very lucky he is not dating me.

On a deeper note--I'm now more curious about Mitchell's human life than ever. Has he just decided that in comparison to everything that's happened since, it's unimportant? The idea that he has always used sex as a weapon (which plainly isn't true: see Josie) makes me wonder about his human sex life. Was there one? Did he see prostitutes? Was he a virgin? I'd be really amused if he was, but I doubt it. The crux of what I'm saying is--for Mitchell, 'always' means since he was transformed at best, and up to six months ago at worst. I feel like this much of his psyche can't have been simply shaped by Herrick et al, though he probably believes it has. For Mitchell, I think, whatever is happening right this moment is indicative of everything that has ever been or ever will be. In real life terms, he's the guy who fails a test and concludes that he always has been and always will be an idiot. It's a very young reaction, very much like a teenager and I'll admit on some level I find it endearing, even. What disappoints me, a little, about the writers is that they seem to take his myopia at face value. I have no doubt he barely remembers his human life or the early vampire days or everything else he's cast aside, but that doesn't mean it's not important. We're where Mitchell's brain goes, at all times, we're right with the events he thinks are most relevant and frankly, he's never been the most self-aware of men. So every time they try to delve into him, it feels incomplete.

All right. As for the rest:

Herrick, you have been sorely missed, and I seriously look forward to making your acquaintance once more. Also, according to preview statements, you will be called Uncle Billy, which delights me on many levels, but mostly this one:

Kids, this is a message from your Uncle Billy. Don't buy drugs. Become a vampire and they give you them for free!

Ahem. As for the credits, though, where is my Daisy? Amy Manson is my favorite person, basically, and if they bring Cora and Herrick back without her, I will be upset.

Much as I hated the idea of the pregnancy storyline at first, I do find myself rooting for George and Nina's fetus (sorry, spent too much time in feminism to call it a baby, even if it's wanted) to survive, mostly because they're so invested in this.

Wolf shaped bullet--I'm guessing McNair and son are red herrings. It's going to be George, or Nina. Unlikely, but I think Mitchell's ego would finally get the smack-down it needs if he were to be killed by a baby. Imagine sort of 'death by terrier'. Oh, dear, Mr. Mitchell.

The cage scene was brilliant--I need as much badass Annie as possible. It seemed to me Mitchell was doing some complicated things with the body language here--he was at once holding Annie and using her as a shield, which sums up their relationship for me, right now. I'm giving him something of a pass because of the "wolf shaped bullet" but it struck me as kind of indicative of his whole behavior pattern right now. I'm just waiting for him to "get thee to a nunnery" on her. Or is he already doing that? Jesus, Mitchell, the balance of my liking you is so delicate already. I beg you, do not push it.

All in all, I was surprised by how much I felt the episode held together for me--despite my feelings on the Annie/Mitchell, the rest of the episode did seem to gel as I would like it to and I was glad that in the end, the house was at least temporarily restored to it's natural order.

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Sorry, I suck with words but you summed up a lot of what I didn't even know I was thinking.

He's, so far, asked three women to save him--Josie, Lucy and now Annie. It's been a disaster (oh, dear, I was about to write train wreck) every single time. YES!

He just doesn't get it! He's constantly looking for someone to save him, someone to be good for. *shakes head*

I have a wondering about Annie's clothes... HER CARDIGAN KEEPS CHANGING! She's always wearing the same boots and leggins and white tanktop but the grey layer on the top keeps changing. I thought her clothes couldn't change because she was a ghost, or something. *is confused*

Yeah, they said it was the same sweater but changed based on mood but that must be a very special, interesting sweater to go into ALL those shapes. Especially since sometimes it's even sleeveless. What are they doing there?

And yeah. If Mitchell's progress is entirely contingent on his relationships, it's so incredibly not good. And he should know this by now, really. I sort of want to hit him over the head with a frying pan--though I'd avoid the face, of course, shame to ruin such a pretty one.

That would be a damn shame so keep away from the face.

He's in the same pattern all over again.
I mean, he ran to Lucy after he killed the constable.

Oh! Lia put the idea firmly in Annie's head so maybe that was the plan. Making him lose it that way but isn't that on the same dumb level as the happiness clause in Angel's curse?

Like I said, I suck with words, and I have a headache to boot...

My brain can't stop thinking that Aidan Turner is 3 hours away in Wellington...

What, that he'll go off the wagon if things go badly with Annie and end up doing things that result in him kicking it, you mean?

And ah, wow.

I think the wolf shaped bullet might be Hobbit shaped...

He's gonna lose it, anyway, isn't he? I mean, they're pushing it so much with McNair and the Old Ones and stuff. And his own personal guilt is not helping (and surely the notebook is not helping any either!).

WTG Nina with the nasty comment too.

And yes, where's Daisy?? She's so much better than the lunch lady!!

I think the wolf shaped bullet might be Hobbit shaped...

My thoughts exactly.

And yeah, he's acting like his uncle killed his dad and married his mum (kanyeshrug). I don't know if Mitchell's off the rails will involve blood again but he's going downhill and fast.

I want Daisy back so badly. Amy Manson is pretty much my favorite and she's such a perfect, well rounded badass. Since we see Daisy hanging on men a lot (Ivan, almost immediately replacing Ivan with Mitchell), I suspect she might have a more platonic version of the same with Herrick, now that he's back? She may not have been a fan in the first round but I think she's self-interested first.

Herrick seems a bit out of it though. Or is it just an act. And why are they letting him stay at their house? What's the thinking there??

OH HAI HERRICK. We're the ones responsible for your gory demise and you're back from the dead, sure you can stay with us, we ain't bovvered!


And yes, I'd say Daisy is out for herself. And a retaliatory (is that even a word?) blood bath makes a vamp horny, yanno. but then why did she help bring Herrick back?

Re the Hobbit, did you see the press conference they had last week? He was so yummy...

I have no idea. Really. None of them are exactly known for good decision making but this is a bit much even for them. Perhaps he can host alcoholic anonymous meetings/ventriloquism classes and anyone who objects can be locked in the cellar so they can easily get out! And if the police come and suspect, Mitchell can just pretend he's having gay sex with George, because that's always the right thing to do when somebody walks in. And maybe hand out porn to the neighborhood children while they're at it. (There is a graveyard of Mitchell's stupid-ass decisions, I swear to god.) I'm thinking Herrick will get his game back. He has to. Toby says it was really Cora who did it? But I don't know why Daisy helped out. It's funny, because however much of a badass bitch she is, she doesn't seem to want to be in charge--she wants to stand next to the guy who is. I'm not sure whether this is just Daisy's personality or whether the vamp world is this male-dominated. She's kind of the eternal Bellatrix. I saw bits of the conference? I'm not really into those books so I'm not as energetic as some, but always good to indulge the Turner crush.


Oh Mitchell, so many stupid-ass decisions in so little time!!

Yes, Daisy seems to like following the dominant male. But Herrick? Seems so left field for her.

I haven't read LOTR but I've read the Hobbit and did enjoy the movies.

The Turner crush is good and he looked so yummy, beard and all.

Maybe since it's what Cora wanted, she's just latching on.

God. Mitchell.

Annie needs a sassy gay friend.

Don't we all?

I want a gay best friend! One that lives in the same country as me would be good, for a change. LOL

Ok I just rewatched 3x03 and I find myself puzzled.

When Mitchell runs Graham out of the house, he says to him, "Maybe it's time they knew what I really am! [...] You tell them what I did or I will."

The blackmailer is supposed to say 'you tell them or I will', not the person being blackmailed! What kind of threat is that, John Mitchell you twat?

Sorry, it's been bothering me and I had to get it out.

Oh, facepalm. He's such an idiot.

It's only because I was rewatching it and went HUH?

Ep3!Mitchell is so different from Ep4!Mitchell...

The blackmailer is supposed to say 'you tell them or I will', not the person being blackmailed! What kind of threat is that, John Mitchell you twat?

Didn't he say "I don't care" in there somewhere too? The point for me was that you can't be blackmailed if you own your shit.

Graham pushed so hard he became a greater threat in MItchell's eyes than the fear of losing his friends if they knew. It finally resolved him to come clean with them the way he should have in the first place.

Unfortunately, the momentum he managed to build for that got completely dissipated by Annie refusing to hear it, and that was the end of that resolution. :-/

he was at once holding Annie and using her as a shield, which sums up their relationship for me, right now.

Oh mercy mercy me YES.


And if he were dating you, 85% of the problems you mention wouldn't be. Which sounds like I'm putting it on Annie, but it's that she does that, as her default setting, and it's just such a bad bad combination with Mitchell's epic fucked-up-ness.

I don't know that I agree that the writers take Mitchell's limited view at face value. We don't immediately see the consequences of the thought process, but I don't think we've yet failed to see it. (Even with Bernie -- we haven't been told what happened with him, but even Mitchell was obviously already thinking he'd done a stupid, stupid thing by the time he said goodbye at the train platform.)

It does underscore why he makes the same mistakes over and over and over -- because he doesn't see the consequences immediately, and can only connect them the choices he's made in a very abstract way after the fact. His grasp of the full logical extent of what led to what led to what led to BADNESS is very tenuous. He gets as far as "this happened because I did all that stuff," but can't effectively break "all that stuff" down into manageable chunks and trace the chain of events back to where he could have still put on the brakes.

So the next time he finds himself in a similar position, he has a murky notion he should be putting on the brakes, but the long-term cause and effect isn't clear enough in his head to trump whatever anxiety or discomfort he's trying to relieve in the immediate term.

PADDED. CELL. Seriously.

And it's not like it wasn't bad enough when he was dating women who were going to give him a hard time about it. Josie and Lucy were both confident, stable and knew on some level it wasn't on them to fix Mitchell. Annie, on the other hand, has an incredibly shitty relationship history and a past of apologizing for this shit. It's such a toxic combination. I don't want to put it on Annie either--it hurts especially, though, since I felt like she'd been beginning to come into her own last season and Mitchell, the ultimate bad boyfriend, is kind of putting her back to square one.

"And my fourth boyfriend perpetrated the most famous, brutal murder incident in the country."

Think about it, Annie.

This does make me wonder--George and Annie seem almost unaware of the Box Tunnel Twenty existing at all, not only Mitchell's responsibility, which is funny, because it's on television constantly, they've mentioned the PM going to the scene and it keeps showing up in newspapers. It's actually not that hard, provided you're not too emotionally invested to do so, to connect the dots--it's Bristol, it was that day and clearly it looks vampy enough for McNair to put it together. I'm more willing to buy Annie genuinely not getting it at all, since she spent all this time in purgatory and now has a scant connection to the human world at best but--do you think this contributes to George and Annie's pushing off his confessions? On some level, do they know and are in denial?

This is a stretch and I feel like it might be a stupid idea.

You're right--I overreached on taking him at face value. I suppose what I was trying to say on some level is that we see what Mitchell does, we delve into the experiences he does, so even if we get there's something not quite right here, we don't see the full picture.

His grasp of the full logical extent of what led to what led to what led to BADNESS is very tenuous.


The wrong guy is in the straightjacket, basically. At this point, Herrick's more suited for daily life than Mitchell.

"Stable" is... per haps a bit strong as applied to Lucy. *wry g* But yeah, in that specific sense, she wasn't going to take responsibility for Mitchell's feelings and actions the way Annie is prone to. (Turn around and look to Kemp to decide things for her exactly the way Mitchell is asking her to do for him? That's another thing entirely...)

The thing that makes it so frustrating is that, at some level, Mitchell does grasp not just that he's not good for Annie (which he said outright to George) but why. He might not be able to articulate it, or connect it all that clearly to the "fix me save me" pattern, but there is an awareness there, and that's why he's so skittish and bewildered about the whole thing.

Speaking of George, there is ZERO doubt in my mind that he is actively avoiding putting together the pieces about the Box Tunnel 20. He registered what Mitchell was listening to on the radio, or he wouldn't have made that comment about "other people's grief." And that was right before he told Mitchell in so many words "I don't want to know... I can't be your confessor, Mitchell, I need you too much right now."

Annie is less likely to know the specifics, because I think you're right that she just doesn't pay attention to the news, but she knew there was something very wrong with him in the 2.7 mad scene. And in 2.8, when she's so frantic about what's become of him, she specifically asks George "What's he done?" She knows damn well he's done something awful.

So yes, I absolutely believe they're both in massive denial. And MItchell has now worked himself up twice -- once with each of them -- to come clean with them, against every ingrained habit and fear and instinct. And they've both shut him down.

Nina is the wildcard in all this, the one I have the most trouble believing hasn't connected the dots. I'm still clinging to the notion that she has, and isn't being direct with George about it because she knows he doesn't want to hear it. But why she isn't being direct with Mitchell... I don't know. I don't think she thinks she has anything to fear by it, and she has to know that it can only be helpful to him. I would say it's that she has enough on her mind with the baby and all, but she had plenty of room to worry about Adam and Tom. Maybe it's that she had solutions for them, and with Mitchell she doesn't know any way to help?

Regardless, it bugs me, and not just because it josses the hell out of my inter-season fic. ;-)

Yeah, on the stable. But you know what I meant.

That's what's so frustrating about Mitchell, I think. He knows there's something off and he's clear on his vampire stuff, because it's simple and bloody and lurid and easy to grasp, but he has almost no self-awareness when it comes to his human faults--and in the process of trying to redeem himself, does the same things again and again and again. Which is what leads to us needing to explode about him in long eljay comment rants.

I agree about George. He knows.

Nina's attitude to Mitchell seems to have changed and I'm not sure whether this is the box tunnel or just continuity. They've never spent much time together and they were certainly never the best of friends, but she seemed to generally accept his presence in early season two in a way that she does not now. And she knows the least--I'm sure she's seen the box tunnel but she's less clear on his breakdown at the end of the season. I'm sure she's heard about it but she wasn't there. I can only think maybe she suspects but has enough doubt to hold back on it, especially since she's trying on some level to put up with him to restore the order of the house.

I continue to be disappointed at the lack of Nina and Annie. Yeah, it's not NEEDED, but A. this show has some Bechdel related issues--it's passed, technically but only with guests, I think (Annie's mother, the ghost with the baby, Sasha) it hardly lives by the rule. B. The fact that they've both had histories of abuse is something which I think, even if they never dealt with it directly, that would be worth looking at. It's not that it's bad or unrealistic that they've kept them apart, but I think they could have done some good things if they had explored a friendship there.

And I will read the fic.

I can only think maybe she suspects but has enough doubt to hold back on it, especially since she's trying on some level to put up with him to restore the order of the house.

This makes excellent sense. Her attitude toward him in general seems fairly consistent to me, in the sense that I think she deferred to him a bit more at Windsor Terrace because she was the newcomer, but she still had that wariness with him even as he was making a direct conscious effort to say "You have a place here, you are part of this family now, and I know it's scary but we're all here for you."

She might not be certain enough of her suspicions about Box Tunnel to speak up, but she knows for a fact he killed at least half a dozen people at the CenSSA facility -- including that poor misguided, terrified kid who put them in the waiting room. She saw what a wreck he was afterward, and recognized that it was about the killing and not just losing Annie. She did say to George by "He's changed. You must see it. Something's happened to him," and watched George's blinders lock down tight in response.

Mitchell himself acknowledges in so many words that he's barely holding on. He's directly acknowledged that he's dependent on them to keep his balance, and at this point he's not a responsible adult in Nina's eyes, as he was when she moved into the pink house. Which makes the two of them the only ones being realistic about it, and in Mitchell's case that fluctuates by the moment.

I wonder how that scene would have played out if it had been Nina who found Mitchell and Annie waiting to take a very drunk stranger to Mitchell's bed? Talk about denial, George, jeez!

And WORD with a supersize side of HELL YEAH on the Annie and Nina thing. I was so incredibly gleeful when they started bonding in 2.1, and we need WAY WAY MORE of that.

Edited at 2011-02-16 10:53 pm (UTC)

Now I want to write fic based on Nina walking in. Oh, dear god.

We definitely need more Annie and Nina passing the Bechdel test.

Unthought of earlier thought--happy as she is, is Annie jealous of Nina's pregnancy? We've established she wants a baby and on the stairs, she said she and Mitchell couldn't have children before she said they couldn't have sex, which seemed curious to me. And very fast. Annie's trying to close a lot of leaks, it seems.

Oh, oh, excellent thought. ~meep~ The squealing and bouncing and gleeing over Nina's pregnancy was pure excitable Annie, but it was also maybe just enough over-the-top to be covering that twinge of envy.

Annie's pinning a lot on Mitchell, just as he's pinning a lot on her. And neither will admit it, and neither is equipped to give the other what they're not admitting they're looking for.


Hot mess. Annie has to save Mitchell and he has to make up for everything she's losing out on.

I think Annie and Nina fic is now going to be written.

I think Annie and Nina fic is now going to be written.

Gosh, this breaks my heart...

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